For many years, KTG has been an active steward in preserving the environment. To help protect our environment, we’ve implimented a recyling program and encourage all our employees to participate. Recenty we’ve even introduced such innovations as the use of recycled tissue products which have help protect the environment while still allowing us to deliver the highest level of product quality our customers and consumers are seeking.

Today KTG and Kruger Products are continuing its commitment by initiating Sustainability 2015 – a comprehensive effort to reduce our environmental footprint over the next five years. We’re doing this because it is the right thing to do – today and for future generations.

For four years in a row, we’ve have been awarded the Gold Standard Star for our Good Manufacturing Practices. This is the highest standard awarded. We are also ISO 9001:2015 ceritfied, which is the most current ISO standard. This certification says that we have best practice operating proceedures that insure we consistantly manufacture a high quality product.

And so we continue down this journey with focus on making improvements to the products we make and the operations which manufacture and deliver these products to our customers. We really can make a difference.