About Us

Kruger Products L.P., with headquarters in Canada, is the parent company of Kruger Products’ KTG USA. Kruger Products L.P. is Canada’s leading manufacturer of quality tissue products for home, commercial and industrial use. With leading brand names like Cashmere and Purex, it leads in market share in Canada for products of this kind.

The Memphis tissue manufacturing facility has been part of the Memphis scene for over 60 years.  In 2002, Kruger Inc. acquired the Memphis manufacturing facility and formed a new company, Kruger Products’ KTG USA. Since then, the Memphis facility has played an increasingly important role in Kruger’s efforts to grow its presence in the U.S. tissue market.

Kruger’s Memphis facility has for many years been the largest tissue manufacturing facility under one roof in the Memphis area, and thanks to recent expansion projects it has doubled in size and production capacity.

Kruger Products L.P.’s vision is to become “the supplier of choice” in the U.S. tissue market.  The expansion of its Memphis facility was the first major step in that direction.  As the only Kruger Products’ KTG USA facility at this time, Memphis is a critical element in Kruger Products L.P.’s strategic goals.

The recent expansion of the Memphis facility added a state-of-art tissue machine, three converting lines and associated packing machines, as well as a totally new building.

After all this, Kruger Products’ KTG USA has added over 100 jobs to its workforce, a big boost to both the Memphis economy and the community.

With this expansion, Kruger’s Memphis facility – and you – will help position Kruger Products Inc. as a major player in the U.S. tissue market – and Memphis as the center for that growth.